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Bob Reitmeyer, Supplier of Wood Crafts to Scouts
Bob doing some woodcarving
Bob enjoying some wood carving.

Supplying Camps and Carvers since 1984

Over the years, woodcarving has enriched my life in so many ways that I became committed to doing all I could to help others discover those pleasures for themselves.

My woodcarving patterns encourage rather than frustrate carvers, from beginners to advanced. Although my patterns were initially designed as scout neckerchief slides, they are easily -- and frequently -- adapted to serve as bolo slides and refrigerator magnets as well.

For the beginning carver, or for those looking for a new pattern to work with, you can always read my articles in the bi-monthly Chip Chats magazine. They are very similar to the old "Slide of the Month" articles in Boy's Life magazine. Get the latest article »

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FROM THE ATTIC: Carving book
My partner and I recently found a few additional copies of my book, A Beginner's Book of Carving Neckerchief Slides, Pins, & Magnets. Get yours now before they're gone for good!
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This is a great age-appropriate project for younger Cub Scouts or Girl Scouts -- an easy-to-assemble wood project that results in a working softwood model of a lockback folding pocket knife. No cutting required.

** Now only $7.65, one of the lowest prices around! **

News and Events

  • Made in USA! I am happy to say that I continue to produce my wood carving blanks in the USA -- western Pennsylvania, to be exact. The Murphy wood carving knives are made in Massachusetts, and the chisel sets in New Jersey. I also carry a sharpening stone from Oregon that comes in a leather pouch made in Kansas. Beware of the imported tools found in major craft stores.
  • New to carving? I've created a one-stop shopping kit for beginning carvers that includes everything you need to get started. Check out the Beginning Woodcarving Kit »
  • Beware impostors! Some craft stores offer an imported copy if my #69A carving knife. Beware: the rivets are loose, the stainless steel blade will never get sharp, and the price is almost double what I charge. Get a quality knife made in the USA! Shop for your knives now »
  • Looking for a different blank slide? Do you have a particular kerchief slide pattern from the past or present that you would like me to reproduce? I have an extensive collection of patterns, and am always willing to work with you to create a specialized slide for your troop or pack.