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Knives: Victorinox "Tinker" Knife Modified for Carving

I am now offering a modified Victorinox "Tinker" pocket knife that's perfect for carving small wood projects. The idea came from Chris Lubkemann, the author of Whittling Twigs and Branches, The Little Book of Whittling, and Big Book of Whittle Fun.

Starting with the classic knife, I straighten the edge of the small blade and sharpen it to a razor edge. Then I remove the key ring, which gets in the way when carving with the small blade. Finally, I sharpen the large blade of the knife as well.

Package includes the modified knife, Sharpening and Carving Guides, and a 1x1x6" basswood practice stick.

Note: Most wood carvers use a knife with a small 1.5" straight-edged blade -- exactly what you'll get with this modified pocket knife.

  • Catalog #124
  • $26.95
  • Knives: Victorinox