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Sharpening and Safety Accessories

All woodcarving project require the right tools, and safety is always important.

Two-Stage Knife Sharpener: $3.25

Photo of catalog #161 - two-stage knife sharpener
Two-Stage Knife Sharpener, #161.

This two-stage knife sharpener by Rapala contains two sets of small ceramic sticks impregnated with aluminum oxide (Al2O3) and set within a plastic holder. The coarse and fine sharpeners will give any small knife a sharp edge. Great for the kitchen, too!

Leather Sharpening Strop: $9.00

Photo of catalog #123 - leather sharpening strop
Leather Sharpening Strop, #123.

This 12" long hardwood stick, with 8" of leather on each side, puts the finest of edges on your knife. It takes your knife from stone-sharp to razor-sharp; this is how the old-time barbers used to sharpen their razors. If done properly, you will rarely ever need to use a stone again!

I include care and use instructions with each strop, which not many people do. And I highly recommend getting a container of 220 grit powdered aluminum oxide (Al2O3) to use on the strop.

Fine, 220 Grit, 1" X 4" man-made stone of powdered Aluminum Oxide (Al2O3) in soft leather pouch: $5.00

Photo of catalog #162 - stone with leather pouch
Extra-fine stone with leather pouch, #162.

This stone is made in the USA and can be used to sharpen and "thin" the blade. If you sharpen only the blade edge all of the time, then the edge becomes too thick and will not cut very well. If this happens, then you need to lay the blade flat and wear away some of the sides -- and this stone is perfect for that. Comes with instructions and a handy leather carrying pouch to protect it.

Powdered Aluminum Oxide (Al2O3) or Novaculite: $1.75

Keep your knives razor-sharp with these three grits of aluminum oxide and novaculite. All of these can be used with the Leather Sharpening Strop. Each container holds about 1 oz. of either 220 grit aluminum oxide, 320 grit aluminum oxide, or the special 600 grit novaculite mined in Arkansas.

  • 220 Grit Powdered Aluminum Oxide (1 oz.)
  • Catalog #124A
  • $1.75
  • 320 Grit Powdered Aluminum Oxide (1 oz.)
  • Catalog #124B
  • $1.75
  • 600 Grit Novaculite Powder (1 oz.)
  • Catalog #124C
  • $1.75

Kevlar Safety Glove: $4.25 each

Kevlar Safety Glove - Small, Medium and Large sizes
Kevlar Safety Glove -
Small (#141), Medium (#143) and Large (#142) sizes

The Kevlar Safety Glove is an important safety accessory for beginning woodcarvers!

This glove is made with DuPont Kevlar to protect you from slicing knife cuts (but not stabs or punctures). You only need one glove on the hand that holds the wood, but remember to always make a thumb pad of duct tape and/or leather for the thumb on the hand that holds the knife.

These Kevlar gloves are covered with a gel gripping material in a honeycomb pattern.

Size Width at palm Length from palm to fingertip
Small (#141) 4" 6.5"
Medium (#143) 4" 7"
Large (#142) 5" 7.5"
  • Kevlar Safety Glove: SMALL
  • Catalog #141
  • $4.25
  • Kevlar Safety Glove: MEDIUM
  • Catalog #143
  • $4.25
  • Kevlar Safety Glove: LARGE
  • Catalog #142
  • $4.25

Leather Thumb Pad (Youth and Adult): $2.10 - $2.40

Photo of catalog #64F - two-stage knife sharpener
Leather Thumb Pad, #181/182.

This thumb cover is made of tight-grain leather with an elastic back to provide protection for the knife-holding hand. I would suggest using a Kevlar glove for the wood-holding hand.

Now in two sizes, both Youth and Adult.

  • Leather Thumb Pad: YOUTH
  • Catalog #181
  • $2.10
  • Leather Thumb Pad: ADULT
  • Catalog #182
  • $2.40